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Early Life

Jiea Rutland Simpson studied biology at Spelman College, Atlanta’s historically black liberal arts institute, with the intent of going into medicine. Her passion for building communities, marketing ideas and fostering relationships would influence her to switch to a career in pharmaceutical sales upon graduating. Her specific interests in physician relationship management and pharmaceutical sales were heavily inspired by her early exposure to the fiimage of Jiea Rutland-Simpson for her siteeld as a young student.

Jiea’s career in pharmaceutical sales has spanned over ten years. She has won numerous accolades for her work as a relationship manager in the healthcare industry.

Jiea Rutland Simpson was born in Nashville, Tennessee to a family with a strong interest in travel and science. Her father’s own experience as a pharmaceutical sales representative would influence her eventual career. She has settled in Harlingen, Texas where she makes a big impact in the healthcare industry in the South.


Jiea Rutland-Simpson attended Spelman College with the hopes of going to school to practice medicine. Realizing that she possessed strong people skills, an interest in science and the ability to manage relationships, Jiea transitioned into pharmaceutical sales.

Jiea has influenced  the market for many medical industries. She has marketed medicine for hypertension, osteoporosis, and irritable bowel syndrome to physicians in the Harlingen, Brownsville, and Corpus Christi, Texas area. She has promoted medicine like Zithromax to South Florida medical attending physicians and residents.

Jiea has led management initiatives in many ways. She has improved efficiency by 36%. She supervised the transition to an advanced electronic health record and billing system, which reduced the tedious patient registration time from 40 to 16 minutes. She managing coordination between medical staff and patients and developed and marketed advanced phone application for educating teen moms throughout their pregnancy. She secured a $26K grant to organize a health fair for prostate cancer awareness. Jiea Rutland Simpson has also raised community awareness about diabetes by creating subject literature in Spanish and conducted in-service training on insulin injection and carbohydrate counting.

She is the “go-to” person in the hospital administration community for resolving management and financial concerns. She advocates for patients by making healthcare delivery accessible around the clock. Healthcare information technology is a rapidly growing industry. Jiea likes to beatn the forefront of these changes. She writes about developments; read more on Linkedin.


Jiea Rutland-Simpson currently works as a physician relationship manager and service line administrator at the Valley Baptist Health System in Harlingen, Texas . In this position Jiea works closely with the local physician community and C-Suite members to develop community relations and communication strategies.

Jiea also forms alliances with nursing homes, ambulance companies and health clinics.  Jiea helps them reach and excel beyond their relationship and communication goals. In collaboration with the Vice President of Growth and Sales, Jiea develops and executes strategic growth plans to target key market drivers of hospital sales and potential growth strategies. In this role, Jiea also acts as a management consultant.  She is a consultative problem solver working to streamline processes, resolve physician dissatisfaction and building relationships with physicians by gaining their trust. Jiea Rutland-Simpson also works to improve the overall hospital image and awareness within the local south Texas community area using social media and strategic brand awareness. In this role, she has augmented productivity by 60% by analyzing administrative quality, ensuring excess supply of resources, and coordinating communication between medical staff and patients.

Jiea Rutland Simpson is also fiercely active in the philanthropic community. In 2011, she trained to run a half marathon to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. She met her financial goal by approached various individuals and asked them for donations for the organization. Jiea is an advocate for volunteering in your local community. She volunteers with her local Girl Scouts chapter. She has been a troop volunteer since fall 2014.

When not busy volunteering, Jiea makes time to travel. Jiea loves traveling all over the globe – to places like the UK and Central America. Most recently she went to Panama, where she visited the historic Panama Canal and a seaside village called Bastimentos.  She also went to Costa Rica, tasting some of the freshest coffee in the world and learning about the efforts of the Jaguar Rescue Center and Sloth Sanctuary.

Find More About Jiea Rutland-Simpson

Jiea is an avid traveller, so she can be hard to track down! In the heart of the Rio Grande, Jiea enjoys the many beautiful natural wonders of the neighboring Harlingen region. Did you know Harlingen has the most affordable cost of living in the U.S.? It’s truly a great place to live. You can follow up with Jiea and her experience  and work online. Read about Jiea’s favorite wanderlust words on wordpress, “Three Beautiful Travel Words.”  You can follow her on Flickr for her latest photos from her trips at home and abroad.