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AT&T makes a big move in the healthcare industry

Recently, AT&T has announced a huge move in the healthcare industry. Next month, AT&T Foundry of Connected Health will be opening at the Texas Medical Center Innovation Institute in Houston. This is also the largest medical center in the world, so this is truly big deal for the healthcare industry. According to Vice President of Ecosystem & Innovation at AT&T the whole idea of AT&T Foundry is to bring ideas from concept to commercialization faster than previously possible, and nowhere is that mission more important than in healthcare. This foundry innovation center will solely be focusing on the healthcare sector, as AT&T has six other foundry’s around the world focused on different sectors. These other foundry’s have enjoyed numerous success over the years and they hope this one will too.  This particular one will help provide companies ways to enhance digital innovations that the connect caregivers and patients via wireless monitoring. How awesome is that?

This is not AT&T’s first gig in the healthcare industry. Back in 2012, they launched a remote patient monitoring system. This unique system gave bluetooth enabled devices the ability to measure weight, blood pressure and blood oxygen. Once this is was completed, all the information was then shared to doctors in the facility to examine after a hospital visit. Over the past few years, this new and innovative technology has monitored over a 1,000 patients. Impressive, right?

Chris Penrose, who is  a senior vice president, Internet of Things Organization at AT&T Mobility is very confident healthcare sector will continue to enjoy success. He said “We really do believe that health care has a ton of opportunity to be transformed,” “The ability to deliver remote care involves connectivity, and that’s a great tangential area where AT&T can add great value.”