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Security Hacks: EMR Inconvenience or Expected Feature?

Security Hacks: EMR Inconvenience or Expected Feature?

With scandals like the SONY and Ashley Madison fiascos, experts and the general public alike are wondering how secure their electronic medical bills really are? An article entitled,“How secure are your medical records?” from NBC4i provides insight into what exactly is going on with this new practice in the medical industry.


In 2013, it was recorded that 78% of physicians had switch to electronic health record. In 2001, this was at 60%. The increase is courtesy of the federal Affordable Care Act known as Obamacare.

The Ponemon Institute conducted a 2012 study which discovered that 94% of the 80 health care organizations they polled had experienced at least one breach in their systems during the past two years. It was estimated that around 3,000 documents and records were stolen during each of these breaches. This adds up to $2.4 million worth of damages as names, birthdates, addresses, and social security numbers were compromised.

The study further determined that info was obtained from stolen computing devices, employee mistakes, and third parties.

“Just think of all the different places where your health care information may eventually end up. It’s not secure. You should assume that at this point. We have this tension in our society about wanting doctors to know everything about us, wanting to know everything about us to provide care, but then having this tension with privacy as well” said Jim VanderMey, an innovation officer at Open Systems Technology.

Another problem can come from how you access your information. The expansion of technology has created a few problems. People are filling out forms and accessing their medical accounts from computers, smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc.

All of these details should make you aware that anything online is probably not secure, and if it’s out there, it’s vulnerable to hackers. Change your passwords frequently and research other ways to help protect your identity and personal information. EMR’s have created convenience and allowed for physicians’ employees to put their time elsewhere, but it’s important to discuss and find solutions to the growing issue of hackers in the cyber world.