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Holograms and Nanobots. Yes, Really.

Holograms and Nanobots. Yes, Really.

Healthcare and technology are perfect compliments. As technological engineering propels us further into the future, the healthcare industry can incorporate them to keep us healthier than ever before.

So, with all many lists of the best music and books and movies of the year dominating our reading list, I’m going to introduce you to the best healthcare tech developments of 2015. Referralmd gets really in depth, so I encourage you to check it out! Meanwhile, here are two that really jumped out at me.

Holographic Imaging

When Tupac appeared at Coachella a couple years ago, the public began to wonder about all the practical uses holographic images could have in our daily lives. We had always imagined it as a staple of future technologies, but suddenly it just felt closer than ever. And it delivered, in the form of… keyboards?

Yes, it seems like a trivial upgrade. But take a step back and consider just how unsanitary keyboards are. In hospitals, where many of the sick are already dealing with weakened immune systems, there are a reported 2 million hospital-originating infections each year. Of those, 100,00 people die in the place they hope to get well. Holographic keyboards reduce contact and transmission of germs when a healthcare worker is dealing with a patient and data entry. Pretty smart move.

Nanobot Technology

Unlike holographic imaging, nanobot tech is still a ways off. But it’s not at all a vague future— science is just working to get there. Ideally, they would be able to function as white blood cells to eradicate infections. The bots would also be scaled to their full size counterparts and complete complicated tasks. For instance, nanobot tech could allow us to deliver chemotherapy to cancer patients in a much more efficient— and less physically demanding— way than current radiation therapy.